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for Web3 Innovation

Open your organsiation to infinite opportunities by bridging to emerging tech excellence and elevating your engineering stack with ChainWarp.

About us

ChainWarp is a transformative fellowship program designed to empower corporations with the skills, knowledge, and practical experience needed to dive headfirst into the exciting world of Web3 innovation. This 5-week intensive cohort, featuring a 1-week hackathon, offers a self-paced yet fully supported learning journey for engineers within companies participating in the program.

Our distinguished mentors, who are seasoned experts in the Web3 space, provide invaluable guidance through group sessions and personalized one-on-one doubt-clearing sessions twice a week. With ChainWarp, your organization gains a bridge to Web3 excellence, enabling your engineers to elevate their skills, unleash their creativity, and become architects of the decentralized future. Join us in the Web3 revolution and unlock new dimensions of innovation and opportunity.

Here's how your 6 week Zero to Hero journey in Web3 is going to go.

Live masterclasses from experts, Bi-weekly group and 1:1 huddles for doubt solving with mentors, weekly rewards for top performers & much more

Week 1

Intro to blockchain and smart contracts

  • Ethereum accounts
  • Solidity programming
  • Smart contract deployement
Week 2

Building & Integrating: Tokens, NFTs, and Real-World DApps

  • Token standards & Frontend integration
  • Case study: Analysing real-world DApp
  • Project: NFT minter site
Week 3

Upgradable Contracts, Chainlink, and real world application

  • Smart contract upgradability
  • Oracles & off-chain data integration
  • Dynamic NFT creation using Chainlink
  • Project: NFT Marketplace project
Week 4

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Exploration & Application

  • DeFi fundamentals
  • AMMs and yield farming techniques
  • Project: Token Swap DApp and DEX
Week 5

Smart Contract Security & Cross-Chain Mastery

  • Secure smart contract essentials and vulnerabilities
  • hands-on exercises on smart contract security
  • Layer 2 scalability and cross-chain interoperability
  • Project: cross-chain dapp
Week 6

Hack Week!

  • Participate in a week-long hackathon using the learnings from the cohort and win exciting prizes!



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